Friday, September 19, 2008

JAX-WS web service and JBoss

Yesterday I wrote an entry about building JAX-WS web service. So thought about testing them on latest versions of JBoss. I chose 4.2.3 and 5.0.0 CR2 (released yesterday), both with Java 6.

JBoss 4.2.3
The deployment of web service failed with following error-

Error configuring application listener of class

which looks quite natural as JBoss has its own implementation of JAX-WS, so it does not have the RI classes. After bundling RI jars with application deployment was error free. I created a small standalone program to invoke the web service, which succeeded without any errors.

What about if web service consumer is also a web application? To test this scenario I created a small web application to consume the above-mentioned service and deployed on JBoss. On invoking web service the following exception was thrown- Invalid default namespace: null

I thought that by bundling JAX-WS jars with the application, I can overcome this error. But faced another exception- cannot be cast to

Now I started scratching my head :-/ When in difficulty the developer community takes help of Google, but here Google did not gave clues. After investigating the JBoss directory structure and their contents I discovered an endorsed directory at ‘jboss-4.2.3.GA\lib\endorsed’ location. Then I deleted all jars (related to JAXB, JAXWS and JAAS) from there except the following ones-
  • Serializer.jar
  • Xalan.jar
  • xercesImpl.jar
and copied JAX-WS RI jars here. Now everything worked even no need to bundle the JAX-WS jars with the applications.

JBoss 5 RC2
Making the web service work on this version of the JBoss also required same steps as with 4.2.3 and service was consumed by a standalone application without any hiccups. Then tried to consume the service using same web application as used for 4.2.3 and with JBoss 5 also it failed with similar error on trying to invoke a service method- Invalid default namespace: null

On bundling JAX-WS RI jars with the consumer application everything worked fine, so no more ClassCastException or using the endorsed directory mechanism. This is a good improvement over previous versions of JBoss.