Monday, May 05, 2008

@Stateless + @WebService +Weblogic 10 = :-(

On my last project we have to expose some stateless session beans as web service as well. The deployment platform was Weblogic 10 MP1. For the initial few weeks everything (development, deployment and testing) went fine and then all of a sudden Weblogic refused to deploy couple of EJBs without any error messages. The general observation is, if a class has both @Stateless and @WebService on a single java class and number of code lines grow beyond some limit (our classes have around 350 lines) then Weblogic has issues with them. If we reduced the code by commenting out some code or removing some methods then deployment went well.

This is not the only issue with Weblogic, one more equally weird observation is that @EJB annotations does not work when a class has both @Stateless and @WebService.

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Anonymous said...

WebLogic 10 is really a very bad thing. Try out glassfish, everthing works much better there :-)