Monday, August 24, 2009

Redmine with Subversion 1.6

Recently I updated SVN client to 1.6.x from 1.5.x on the machine where Redmine was installed. After this change Redmine stopped fetching further revisions from SVN repositories for existing projects and for new projects it was showing following error message on 'Repository' tab-

The entry or revision was not found in the repository.
In Redmine log file I could not find any worthwhile information. There was just one liner-
Completed in 0.34931 (2 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.01537 (4%) | DB: 0.01871 (5%) | 500 Internal Server Error [http://myhost/redmine/repositories/show/myproject]
Then I looked inside Apache (Redmine was fronted by Apache + Passenger) error log file, it had error messages like given below-

    ATTENTION!  Your password for authentication realm:

      <http://serverIP:80=""> My SVN

    can only be stored to disk unencrypted!  You are advised to configure
    your system so that Subversion can store passwords encrypted, if
    possible.  See the documentation for details.

    You can avoid future appearances of this warning by setting the value
    of the 'store-plaintext-passwords' option to either 'yes' or 'no' in
    Store password unencrypted (yes/no)? svn: Can't read stdin: End of file found

So svn client was asking whether to save the password or not and there was no one to answer that question, leading to abortion of the operation. Uncommenting following two lines in ~/.subversion/config file-
store-passwords = no
store-auth-creds = no
resolved this issue.


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.subversion/config:13: Option expected